Gen. Larimas Folmer

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Gen. Larimas Folmer

Position: Pontanore Chief of Staff
Term of Office: N.A.
Predecessor: General Golmas Jarmald
Successor: Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth: Oshkeshin, Takkann
Qualifications: DoP, PCE
Headquarters: Pontanore Ministry of Defence, Fornænda
Awards: Pontanore Military Award, Pontanore Prize
International Positions: Occupation Commander, Curiaistan

General Larimas Folmer is the former Director of the Damosca and current Chairman of the Military and General Defence Committee of the Caropsyne Pontanore and Pontanore Chief of Staff. Folmer is one of the highest-ranking military officers within the Pontanore and currently is senior Attaché of Military Affairs and the Defence Ministry of the Pontanore, as well as working as Pontiana Military Liason.

[edit] Life

Larimas Folmer was born in Kalmas Larpal, Ariatra in Carops. He attended his schooling at the Sub-Prelatory Special School in Corimana, before being transferred to Grand Torias College of the University of the Pontanore in Fornænda, where he achieved the highest mark in high class in Defence Studies.

Folmer received his first military commission as a Commander in the First Liberalian War, in which he led infantry forces in Loslakia. In the Second War, he was engaged fighting as a Colonel in Charlia. Over the next twenty years, he would ascend to the rank of general on his own merit. He transferred to the Damosca Secret Service, where he was eventually atasked with leading the organisation. This lasted until he was allegedly part of a power struggle for control of the organisation with Gen. Pholomir Zarmal, the Bureau Chief of the Damosca. He removal from the directorate resulted in his return to conventional military affairs. In the Third Liberalian War, Folmer was in overall command of Pontanore forces in Joguk, overseeing the assault against Leonstein.

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